The VO serves Romanian scientific communities that conduct multidisciplinary research in Physics and related fields.

VO Acceptable Use Policy


Those who wish to become VO members must own user certificates issued by the national certification authority (RomanianGRID CA), and fill in the registration form available at

To be able to access the registration form, the certificate should be loaded in the user's browser. After the user fills in all the required information, this is forwarded to the VO manager, who checks the eligibility of the candidate. The user is notified by e-mail within two working days about the approval or the rejection of his/her request.

Approval of a new member

Following the approval of a membership request, an account is created for the new VO member.

Account extension

The VO membership is bound to the extension of validity of the VO account, which is required at the end of each year. The validity of the VO account can be extended online by filling in the extension form available at

Computing Resources

The resources made available to the VO users are either those provided by IFIN-HH and the other members of the Romanian Computing Grid for Physics and Related Areas (GriNFiC), or opportunistic resources offered on a voluntary basis. The resources for the VO infrastructure (the registration, voms and ldap servers) are provided by IFIN-HH.

Users Support

Questions and support requests should be addressed to c c - g r i d a t n i p n e d o t r o.